Spring is coming!

The PALS Spring window for Wisconsin is April 27-May 22. In the meantime, check out the growth reports in the PALS Online System that appeared when you entered your Mid-Year data! March is also a great time for catching up on the PALS online courses that have been updated at PD.CaseNEX.com.

Participate in the pilot for PALS español PreK: The University of Virginia is in the process of developing the PreK version of PALS español. If your school or district is interested in participating in the pilot studies for this assessment, please contact support@palshelp.com to let us know by March 15. During the pilot study, participating classrooms would administer both English PALS-PreK and (Spanish) PALS español PreK.

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Wisconsin High Benchmark Policy

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Screening Requirements
All Wisconsin students are required to complete fall 2014 and spring 2015 administrations of PALS in 4K, 5K, first grade, and second grade. Second graders who attain high benchmark identification in the fall are not required by DPI to take PALS in the spring of second grade, but may be required to do so by the school or district. Most students who scored above the Summed Score benchmark in the fall still have room for growth in literacy skills. Completing spring administration will allow teachers to monitor student growth, and will inform instructional decisions as these students prepare to enter the next grade.
Mid-Year Assessment Window Dates
Assessment Dates Score Entry Deadline
PALS-PreK and K Jan. 12 - Feb. 20 Feb. 20
PALS 1-3 for First and Second Grade Jan. 12 - Feb. 20 Feb. 20